Serenberry Vineyards

Wine Is Best When Paired with Good Friends

Have you discovered this gem in the North Georgia mountains? Serenberry Vineyards, a farm winery tucked away down an unassuming road off Highway 60 in Morganton, beckons you to pause and appreciate the simple things in life.

The structure that houses the Tasting Barn dates back to the 1920s. You can still see the original barnwood that silently connects you to a bygone past. The grapevines, growing only a stone’s throw away, will remind you of the changing seasons; as an active participant in nature, they always have something unique to share.

Throughout the winemaking process — from growing the grapes to enjoying the wine — the focus is on balance. While this certainly applies to the wines at Serenberry, it also embodies the belief that wine is best when paired with good friends.

It definitely feels like life moves a little slower at this charming farm winery located on the outskirts of Blue Ridge. Whether you choose to relax on the patio or stroll through the vineyard with a glass of your favorite wine, you can take in nature the way it was meant to be — one sip at a time!


450 Tipton Trail, Morganton, GA 30560